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Regulators Eyeing Fair Lending and Mortgage Servicing
Within a one-week period in January 2023, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) updated examination manuals on fair lending and mortgage servicing, respectively, signaling increased regulatory attention on risk management in these two important lending areas. (more…)
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Assessing Emerging Risks in the Cannabis Industry
cannabis banking
The cannabis industry continues to be a gray area for financial institutions seeking to enter this underbanked and potentially lucrative market. State laws legalizing cannabis for both medical and non-medical use have proliferated in recent years, yet institutions must consider the risks associated with providing services to marijuana-related businesses (MRBs). With continued growth in the industry, projections estimate that legal cannabis sales in the U.S. could surpass $70 billion by 2030. As more financial services…
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Regulators Crack Down on Compliance in Financial Services
compliance in financial services
It’s a tough time to be a compliance professional in the financial services industry. A growing number of U.S. financial institutions have been hit hard with regulatory fines and lawsuits due to compliance failures. Meanwhile, federal regulators are imposing new rules on a level unseen in the past decade, underscoring the importance of guarding against non-compliance in financial services. (more…)
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The SEC’s Record Year for Compliance Enforcement & What That Means for 2023
SEC enforcement record
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been making headlines with a record-breaking year for enforcement in 2022. The SEC reported that it filed 760 enforcement actions and imposed $6.4 billion in penalties and disgorgement (the return of wrongfully obtained money), the highest amount recorded for a single fiscal year in the agency’s history. (more…)
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January Regulatory Compliance Briefing
January Regulatory Compliance Briefing Header
The January Regulatory Compliance Briefing includes a recap of December's five finalized changes by the CFPB and FRB and dozens of other compliance alerts and advisories to be aware of this month. Learn more about January's regulatory compliance changes below. (more…)
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