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Internal Audit Priorities You’re Probably Overlooking for 2019
internal audit priorities
With today’s rapidly changing risk and regulatory landscapes, internal audit is playing an increasingly important role in organizations’ governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) efforts. However, a recent report from the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) reveals that many businesses struggle with aligning internal audit functions to key risk areas. (more…)
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Vendor Management Glossary
GRC terminology
Effective vendor management is a significant undertaking. From due diligence and contract reviews to performance tracking and ongoing monitoring, maintaining reliable third-party relationships requires a structured framework for vendor management. Review some of the key steps of a successful program with this list of common vendor management terms and concepts. (more…)
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GRC Software Bundles Now Available
GRC software bundles
Quantivate releases five new GRC toolkits for risk and compliance management. Quantivate is pleased to announce a new product offering: integrated GRC software bundles to fast-track your team’s risk and compliance management initiatives. There’s a solution for every user, from risk managers and compliance officers to IT and audit teams. Bundle and Save Quantivate’s GRC software modules are even better together. When you choose one of five bundles, you unlock deeper integration that provides powerful…
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USAA Bank Fighting Major Regulatory Fires
bank risk management practices
Remember the old Smokey the Bear adage, “Only you can prevent forest fires”? Well, it certainly seems true in the case of USAA Bank being hit with cease-and-desist proceedings for engaging in unsafe or unsound banking practices (“consent order”). I have always believed that it is more cost-efficient and a better business model to prevent the fire than to expend countless resources to continually fight the fire. So, who is the “you” at USAA Bank responsible for the prevention…
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Building an IT Risk Management Framework: 4 Keys to Success
IT risk management framework
Many organizations are zeroing in on IT risk management as an important aspect of their enterprise-wide risk and compliance programs. And for good reason. Technology risk and cybersecurity issues have come to the forefront thanks to recent high-profile cyber attacks and data breaches. In fact, recent research indicates that 32% of organizations were victims of a major cyber attack in 2017. But what’s behind the increasing IT risk? Software and systems power more core…
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