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GRC Software Suite Data Sheet Download Now
GRC Resource Library: Download Free GRC Content & Tools
Quantivate’s GRC Resource Center has a new look — and new content! (more…)
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Risk Management Glossary: 30 ERM Terms You Need to Know
GRC terminology
Keeping up with growth and performance targets requires a balancing act of seizing opportunity while managing risk. But developing an enterprise-wide approach to monitoring and managing organizational risk is a complex process. Review some of the most important elements of an effective risk management program with this glossary of enterprise risk management (ERM) terms.  (more…)
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4 Internal Audit Risk Areas to Watch in 2019
internal audit risk
Your internal audit risk outlook for 2019: Learn about emerging audit risk categories to guide your audit and risk management planning.
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What Does an Effective Policy Management Process Look Like?
policy management process
Inside Quantivate’s Policy & Document Management Software + 9 Policy Management Best Practices
An effective policy management program begins with a software solution that automates the document management process and eliminates costly manual processes that increase the risk of non-compliance. The best approach to minimizing risk is to implement a system that reduces overhead and labor costs by automating the development, approval, and attestation processes. Policy and document management is an…
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Your Business Continuity Questions Answered
risk management questions
A Q&A with Quantivate CEO Andy Vanderhoff
Gaining internal buy-in for a business continuity program from peers and executive leadership is a common challenge for business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) professionals. This collection of frequently asked questions provides some talking points for BC/DR managers who want to help their organization engage in more effective business continuity practices. (more…)
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