Policy & Document
Management Software

Simplify and streamline policy creation, management, and distribution.

Policy Management Software

Simplify and streamline policy creation, management, and distribution with Quantivate Policy & Document Management Software. It’s a complete solution for creating a consistent and efficient policy management process throughout your organization. You can upload existing policies or use convenient in-software document creation tools, defining and tracking the policy lifecycle with flexible workflows and customizable dashboards.

Does your GRC program integrate policy, compliance, and complaint data?

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Quantivate Policy and Document Management allows you to:


Reduce the time it takes to create, update, review, and approve policies by consolidating all policy management processes in one platform


Streamline processes for tracking, publishing, and distributing policies and managing attestation


Increase and enforce policy awareness by testing employees’ knowledge


Improve compliance and audit readiness by mapping policies to business processes, regulations, risks, and controls


Avoid potential consequences of policy or compliance violations like fines, penalties, and reputational damage


Stay on track with built-in task management features and automated reminders

Features You Need to Succeed

  • Upload existing policies or use built-in document creation tools
  • Tailor management processes to your needs
  • Review / approval management: Customize the lifecycle for each document
  • Centralized, searchable policy library
  • Attestation tracking: Easily audit attestation results for key policies
  • Self-service portal where employees can make attestations, request exceptions, and retrieve documents
  • Exception management
  • Employee policy testing
  • Training management
  • Policy distribution: in-software document viewer and email notifications
  • Built-in analytics and reporting tools: Real-time tracking of policy management lifecycles
  • Integration with other GRC activities: Map policies to strategic objectives, business processes, laws/regulations, compliance changes, risks, controls, audit findings, vendors, and contracts
  • Report Builder, powered by the Quantivate GRC Insights engine: Quickly create policy management reports and data visualizations

Policy Management Reporting Made Easy

The Quantivate GRC Platform’s Report Builder equips users to organize and visualize GRC program data with drag-and-drop ease. Quickly generate customized reports with data visualizations to communicate actionable risk and compliance insights.

  • Aggregate data across Quantivate products 
  • Connect the dots between GRC functions through data integration
  • Quickly build, customize, and export reports
  • Incorporate visual analytics with tables, charts, and graphs
  • Extract insights and trends from your policy management program