Quantivate GRC Software Suite

More than just GRC software, Quantivate’s integrated framework and services work the way you do, empowering your organization to manage governance, risk, and compliance in one seamless and scalable system.

Optimize decisions around risk and compliance.

Quantivate’s integrated solutions and services work the way you do, empowering your organization to manage governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) in one seamless and scalable system and accelerate ROI for your GRC initiatives.

The Quantivate GRC Software Suite enables enterprise-wide risk and compliance management that aligns with organizational goals and drives strategic decision-making. Used separately or in combination, each application features centralized processes and data storage, task management, and flexible workflows to enhance visibility and reduce the time and money spent on management solutions. For users that implement multiple applications, built-in integration provides powerful data-sharing and automation capabilities.

Benefits of the Quantivate GRC Software Suite

  • Support strategic decision-making with real-time risk and compliance oversight
  • Eliminate fragmentation and silos through data integration between all the applications in the Quantivate GRC Suite
  • Gain an integrated view of governance, risk, compliance to align your entire institution to the same strategic goals and performance targets
  • Streamline GRC management and increase efficiency across the enterprise by automating manual activities and implementing standardized, repeatable processes
  • Promote resilience through continual risk oversight, compliance monitoring, and verification that your GRC program is aligned with strategic objectives
  • Enhance agility by providing your organization with the data it needs to act on risks and opportunities
  • Reduce the burden of building a comprehensive GRC program from scratch
  • Provide a pathway to GRC program maturity with a full, scalable suite of management solutions
  • Report on program performance across GRC functions with Report Builder, powered by the Quantivate GRC Insights engine

Integrated GRC Software

enterprise risk management software

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, assess, and address risks that affect your operations.
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vendor management software

Vendor Management

Assess, identify, and mitigate supplier and third-party risks across the enterprise.
business continuity software

Business Continuity

Build and manage effective business continuity and disaster recovery plans.
IT risk management software

IT Risk Management

Drive business value and streamline IT risk management.

regulatory compliance management software

Compliance Management

Reduce the risk of non-compliance efficiently in a single platform.

internal audit software

Internal Audit

Automate the internal audit process and boost productivity.
complaint management software

Complaint Management

Streamline your customer complaint management processes.
policy management software

Policy Management

Simplify and streamline policy creation, management, and distribution.

policy management software

Issue Management

Track and remediate issues across risk and compliance disciplines.