Compliance Solution

Centralize & Streamline Compliance Risk Management

Reduce the cost and complexity of compliance management.

Quantivate GRC solutions pair integrated technology with industry-specific best practices, equipping your organization with the tools and support it needs to make strategic decisions around risk and compliance. Quantivate solutions help financial institutions and other organizations in regulated industries accelerate return on investment for their GRC initiatives and pursue program maturity.

Built on a powerful GRC technology platform, the Quantivate Compliance Solution provides a single source of truth for compliance and risk data, documentation, assessments, tasks, and reporting. It helps organizations implement an effective compliance program framework that supports business strategy and performance while solving specific management challenges related to regulatory change, policies, and consumer complaints.

The Compliance Solution provides:

  • An integrated GRC management system with built-in best practices, designed for maximum business value¬†
  • Scalability to meet immediate GRC needs and facilitate program maturity and expansion
  • Easy implementation to accelerate ROI for your compliance and risk management initiatives
  • Mission-critical management capabilities for your department or business unit
  • Cross-functional data-sharing to improve collaboration and efficiency


Gain 360-degree oversight of your compliance status and activities, policies, and consumer complaints


Take compliance management out of silos for increased efficiency and risk awareness


Access and act on GRC information and reporting in real time, within one integrated platform

Compliance Solution Benefits

Modernize your compliance management program

Implement an integrated compliance management system that supports streamlined processes and workflow automation across functional areas, moving beyond spreadsheets and manual program management

Protect and prepare

Guard against compliance violations and penalties with a proactive approach to regulatory change management powered by program automation, real-time compliance monitoring, and configurable reporting tools

Implement standardized processes

Facilitate consistent, repeatable processes united by a common management framework to break down risk and compliance management silos across your institution

Demonstrate proof of compliance

Drive accountability to the board and C-suite, examiners, auditors, or other stakeholders with customizable dashboards and executive reporting

Increase oversight

Assess and monitor compliance across risk areas such as regulatory change, policies, and consumer complaints

Track and reduce compliance costs

Map regulatory changes to impacted risks, controls, policies, products and services, and more

Maintain your reputation

Stay on top of complaints and noncompliance risks through status tracking and trend assessment

We were looking for a solution that would allow us to not have separate worksheets, not have separate systems, not touch different items ‚ÄĒ but have it all-inclusive and all in one solution ‚ÄĒ and¬†Quantivate¬†was really the answer to that. It helped us standardize risk, simplify the process, and integrate in one system of record where everything is housed.

‚ÄĒ Dianna Reynolds, Vice President, Compliance and Internal Controls

AdelFi Credit Union

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