Compliance Management Software

Keep pace with regulatory change and centralize compliance management with Quantivate Compliance Management Software.

Compliance Management Software

Today's compliance managers need robust and effective compliance management software solutions to stay on top of changing laws, regulations, standards, and internal policies. Quantivate Compliance Management Software provides a powerful software solution for compliance managers to handle a wide variety of regulatory and compliance processes and ensure accountability throughout organizations of all sizes. The software delivers key features to monitor pertinent regulations and other requirements, organize compliance documentation, run risk assessments, and demonstrate proof of compliance through robust reporting.

Quantivate’s compliance software can help you:

  • Perform a risk assessment on compliance-related changes to identify gaps in compliance and determine the priority of implementation.
  • Automate tasks and notifications through intuitive workflows.
  • Map and apply all regulatory requirements to applicable laws or regulations, policies, controls, processes, and products/services.
  • Demonstrate proof of compliance with comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Assess how compliance changes impact the organization.
  • Create and manage any training and/or testing that a compliance change may require.

Does your compliance program integrate policy and complaint management data?

Explore tools for a holistic approach with our Compliance Solution ‚Üí

Quantivate Compliance Management helps you:


Maintain oversight of compliance costs by mapping changes to impacted business units or processes, products or services, policies, controls, and more


Configure workflows that eliminate manual processes and minimize the burden of compliance management


Organize your compliance management processes with a searchable file library, automated task management capabilities, and built-in compliance monitoring and analytics


Leverage built-in reporting tools to demonstrate proof of compliance


Track your organization's compliance status in real time, and subscribe to our optional notification service for regulatory change alerts


Track laws and regulations coming from multiple sources and address compliance issues in a timely manner

Industry Compliance Management

Quantivate’s compliance software solution provides a common framework and an integrated approach to meet cross-industry and industry-specific regulations.

Executive Summaries

Provided as a part of the included software content, executive summaries outline existing laws and regulations that are already in effect. Executive summaries are continually reviewed and updated by law firm Farleigh Wada Witt, a Quantivate partner.

Content of Executive Summaries:

  • Applicability
  • Summary
  • List of main requirements
  • Policy and procedure requirements
  • Testing and auditing requirements
  • List of items to test compliance

Compliance Reporting Made Easy

The Quantivate GRC Platform’s Report Builder equips users to organize and visualize GRC program data with drag-and-drop ease. Quickly generate customized reports with data visualizations to communicate actionable risk and compliance insights.

  • Aggregate data across Quantivate products¬†
  • Connect the dots between GRC functions through data integration
  • Quickly build, customize, and export reports
  • Incorporate visual analytics with tables, charts, and graphs
  • Extract insights and trends from your compliance program¬†

Features You Need to Succeed

Quantivate Compliance Management Software provides a centralized platform for tracking regulatory and legal changes and requirements, organizing compliance documentation, and managing compliance processes, with features including:

  • Real-time compliance status tracking
  • Compliance calendar with upcoming changes
  • Compliance testing templates
  • Risk assessment¬†
  • Compliance gap reports
  • Document library
  • Law & regulation library (links to online sources from NCUA, OCC, FDIC, FFIEC, Federal Reserve, and CFPB)
  • Executive summaries
  • Compliance and risk reporting
  • Built-in content for common regulatory frameworks
  • Customizable dashboards for monitoring compliance requirements, activities, and status
  • Compliance task management and automated workflows for task assignments, approvals, and reminders
  • Remediation tracking and action plan
  • Automated audit tracking of all compliance changes
  • Advertisement reviews with attorney-generated questions for evaluating marketing ads impacted by regulatory changes (for financial institutions only)
  • Service option providing regulatory change alerts with action items from Farleigh Wada Witt
  • Report Builder, powered by the Quantivate GRC Insights engine: Quickly create compliance reports and data visualizations
  • Allows management visibility into compliance activities
  • Mitigates risks to prevent loss through proactive monitoring
  • Identifies gaps and manages remediation plans
  • Saves time and reduces error by eliminating manual processes
  • Centralizes management of compliance efforts
  • Improves accountability
  • Verifies regulatory compliance


Compliance Alerts

Track compliance with confidence! Through our compliance partners, Quantivate provides Compliance Management customers with optional services to notify them of new requirements, alerts, and advisories. The notifications are integrated with our compliance management application and can cover federal, state, and/or local compliance changes. Our compliance partners, Farleigh Wada Witt and LexisNexis, each provide a unique offering to ensure we can address the nuanced needs of all financial institutions.

Farleigh Wada Witt

Business law firm Farleigh Wada Witt (FWW) helps you understand new or amended regulations from the FTC, IRS, NCUA, OCC, FDIC, FFIEC, Federal Reserve, or CFPB and the steps you need to take to remain compliant. Compliance alerts are written by experienced compliance attorneys who translate the complex regulatory language and provide an executive summary and action items. One of the challenges of new regulatory requirements is determining whether or not the rules apply to your institution and, specifically, which of your products or services would be impacted. Each FWW compliance alert includes the following content to help you determine if and how the new rules impact your institution's operations.

Content of Compliance Alerts:

  • Regulatory Update Name
  • Mandatory Compliance Date
  • Scope & Applicability
  • Agency / Agencies
  • Executive Summary

Content of Compliance Alerts:

  • Exemption Thresholds (if applicable)
  • Impacted Areas
  • Action Items
  • Frequently Asked Questions (if applicable)
  • Links to Change Documentation
  • Additional Resources


LexisNexis Legal & Professional¬ģ provides federal, state, and local compliance alert services for Quantivate Compliance Management. LexisNexis services monitor regulatory changes from 13,000 agencies covering 52,000 measures and 600 document types. Customers interested in these services can pick from a variety of options to create a customized set of compliance alerts that best fits their needs. The alerts are then cataloged at various stages in the measure's lifecycle within our integrated GRC Suite, which aids teams in addressing those changes. Each LexisNexis compliance alert includes the following content to help you determine if and how the new rules impact your organization's operations.

Content of Compliance Alerts:

  • Regulatory Update Name
  • Update Description
  • Location Impacted
  • Mandatory Compliance Date
  • Links to Change Documentation