Audit Solution

Manage the Audit Lifecyle With Risk in Mind

Align audit strategy with enterprise risk.

Quantivate GRC solutions pair integrated technology with industry-specific best practices, equipping your organization with the tools and support it needs to make strategic decisions around risk and compliance. Quantivate solutions help financial institutions and other organizations in regulated industries accelerate return on investment for their GRC initiatives and pursue program maturity.

Built on a powerful GRC technology platform, the Quantivate Audit Solution provides a single source of truth for internal audit and risk data, documentation, assessments, tasks, and reporting. It helps organizations implement an effective audit management framework that supports business strategy and performance while solving specific risk- and compliance-related challenges.

The Audit Solution provides:

  • An integrated GRC management system with built-in best practices, designed for maximum business value¬†
  • Scalability to meet immediate GRC needs and facilitate program maturity and expansion
  • Easy implementation to accelerate ROI for your audit and risk management initiatives
  • Mission-critical management capabilities for your department or business unit
  • Cross-functional data-sharing to improve collaboration and efficiency


Gain 360¬į oversight of the internal audit lifecycle, enterprise risk, policies, and issues


Take audit management out of silos for increased efficiency and risk awareness


Access GRC information and reporting in real time, within one integrated platform

Audit Solution Benefits

Drive business strategy

 Provide the assurance and insights stakeholders need to optimize their decisions around risk and compliance

Enhance audit plans & risk coverage

Ensure your audit planning doesn’t have gaps in key risk areas by integrating with ERM data and controls

Boost productivity

Streamline the internal audit cycle with systematic processes, built-in checklists, and a centralized digital library to store all audit plans and documentation

Facilitate rapid response

Quickly identify and respond to emerging risks with key indicator tracking, manage and mitigate issues, and stay on top of audit tasks with workflow tracking and corrective action plans

Create an audit trail

Document GRC activities, policies, and issues for internal and external auditors, regulators, or other stakeholders

Improve accountability

Easily prepare tailored reports for the board or risk committees using configurable reporting tools

Prioritize resources

Conduct risk assessments to define audit priorities and strategy

We were looking for a provider that offered an integrated solution across a number of key [risk] areas and audit. Quantivate’s dedicated, hands-on approach to working with us and answering questions offered a sense of partnership. We appreciate the solution’s core financial institution metrics and risk criteria, but with the offered functionality to customize to meet our needs as a complex mortgage entity.

‚ÄĒ Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

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