Operational Resilience Management Solution

Support Business Continuity Maturity & Operational Risk Awareness

Build resiliency to face the future with confidence.

Quantivate GRC solutions pair integrated technology with industry-specific best practices, equipping your organization with the tools and support it needs to make strategic decisions around risk and compliance. Quantivate solutions help financial institutions and other organizations in regulated industries accelerate return on investment for their GRC initiatives and pursue program maturity.

Built on a powerful GRC technology platform, the Quantivate Operational Resilience Management Solution provides a single source of truth for risk data, documentation, assessments, tasks, and reporting. It helps organizations implement an effective ORM program framework that supports strategy and performance while solving specific management challenges related to business continuity and disaster recovery, policies, and consumer complaints.

The Operational Resilience Management Solution provides:

  • An integrated GRC management system with built-in best practices, designed for maximum business valueĀ 
  • Scalability to meet immediate GRC needs and facilitate program maturity and expansion
  • Easy implementation to accelerate ROI for your risk and resilience management initiatives
  • Mission-critical management capabilities for your department or business unit
  • Cross-functional data-sharing to improve collaboration and efficiency


Gain 360-degree oversight of continuity risk, policies, and consumer complaints


Take risk and resilience management out of silos for increased efficiency


Access GRC information and reportingĀ in real time, within one integrated platform

Operational Resilience Management Solution Benefits: Strengthen Business Continuity & Incident Response

Improve event response

Enhance organizational agility and response times for unplanned incidents,Ā business disruptions,Ā consumer or supplier complaints, andĀ otherĀ operationalĀ concerns

Facilitate business continuity & recovery

Analyze business threats and impacts;Ā create,Ā maintain, and storeĀ continuity and crisis managementĀ plans;Ā manageĀ incidents andĀ more ā€” all in one platform

Understand cross-functional dependencies

Leverage platform integration to see connections and map data acrossĀ business processes

Limit downtime and data loss

Establish recovery objectivesĀ as part of a built-in business impact analysis (BIA) process

Take a forward-facing view of
risk and resilience

Equip your institution to navigate uncertainty and develop data-driven business strategies ā€” implement a scalable solution that helps you plan forĀ and manageĀ internal and external businessĀ disruptions,Ā policy changes, and reputation risk

Although we explored several other GRCĀ solutions, we found thatĀ Quantivate was the most complete solution with the best integration between the different types of risk management.

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