Becoming Resilient

Enterprise Risk & Business Continuity Integration

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  • Commonalities Between ERM & BCM
    • Explore 4 starting points for risk management integration
  • Top Integration Challenges
    • Learn about common obstacles that prevent effective coordination between ERM and BCM teams, with examples
  • Strategies for Risk Management Maturity
    • Get recommendations for promoting cross-functional risk management at your organization
  • Integration FAQs
    • Walk through frequently asked questions in a Q&A with Quantivate's VP of ERM Services


Quantivate empowers organizations of all sizes to efficiently manage their governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) initiatives. Quantivate’s scalable software and consulting services provide the tools and data you need to reduce risk, improve performance, and drive smarter decision-making. Learn more about our integrated GRC software suite, which includes solutions for enterprise risk management, business continuity, IT risk management, compliance management, vendor management, and more.