The Quantivate GRC
Software Platform

The Quantivate GRC Software Platform

The Quantivate GRC Platform is the technology foundation that organizations both large and small are leveraging to build an integrated GRC architecture that can mature and strengthen any enterprise.

Built on a flexible Sa­aS architecture, the Quantivate GRC Platform enables organizations to rapidly deploy GRC solutions that provide a pivotal foundation for an enterprise-wide approach to governance, risk, and compliance.

Quantivate knows that each organization is unique, and has built a GRC platform and solutions that are customizable, flexible, and reconfigurable to meet the challenges each organization faces. With centralized access to governance, risk, and compliance data, the GRC Platform provides organizations with improved collaboration between teams through co­nsistent and compliant processes. This centralized intelligence enables quicker, more strategic decisions. Easily communicate actionable risk and compliance insights to stakeholders with Quantivate Report Builder, the platform's integrated reporting and data visualization tool.

Features of the Quantivate GRC Software Platform include:









Single Sign-On Quantivate API

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On Keep Passwords Secure

Today’s business environments rely heavily on a number of different technologies and applications. While this creates greater efficiencies, it also increases the number of passwords users must remember. Security best practices require those passwords be unique, strong and frequently changed. It’s no wonder users write them down, stick them to the monitor or just plain forget them.

Quantivate single sign-on (SSO) capabilities allow the Quantivate platform to trust the passwords and credentials passed from a user’s own network authentication and automatically perform user login. As a result, users do not have to enter a different username and password when logging into the Quantivate application.

Quantivate SSO provides end-users with convenience and uncompromising security through true SSO capabilities from network login through to application access.

Why use single sign-on?

  • Lowers the cost for password administration: If users forget their password, they can easily reset it using corporate processes.
  • Increases productivity: Single sign-on significantly reduces password-related helpdesk calls, reducing IT workload.
  • Simplifies user experience: Users log in at one single access point and enjoy a seamless experience across multiple domains and applications, removing the need to remember and manage multiple passwords.

Quantivate API

Quantivate API - Be Connected

The Quantivate platform and GRC modules allow you to gather significant actionable data in real time. However, moving this information to other solutions manually can be a challenge that increases risk and potential for error. The Quantivate Application Programming Interface (API) can help you streamline governance and compliance.

Quantivate’s JSON-RPC API enables organizations to unlock the business value of their data allowing you to interact with the Quantivate platform and modules and integrate these areas with other mission critical solutions. Quantivate’s API can be used to automate the processes of passing information in and out of the Quantivate platform.

Why use the Quantivate API?

  • Save Time and Money: The Quantivate API can save your organization time and money through reuse and consistency. These characteristics can ultimately lower risk and make governance easier.
  • Reduce Errors: Relying on manual processes is not only a waste of resources but the potential for errors or missed information is exponentially increased.
  • Stay Informed: The Quantivate API will keep your data up to date in real-time as opposed to manual processes that will only update at the set frequency.

Visit the API documentation page for detailed API documentation.

For more information speak to your Quantivate sales representative:

Attention: Quantivate API integration may require programming knowledge to implement. The Quantivate support team does not offer assistance or consultation on custom coding.

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