Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Software for Financial Services

Our integrated, scalable approach to GRC works the way you do, empowering your financial services organization to manage the challenges of risk and compliance across all business units within one system.

The Only GRC Platform Purpose-Built for Financial Services

The global financial industry continues to see an unprecedented increase in regulatory requirements, forcing institutions to focus on the way risk is managed. Regulators, customers, and other stakeholders demand transparency and a proven return on investment from technology systems and tools. Many financial services firms struggle to meet these demands due to:

  • Fragmented or redundant data and processes
  • Manual risk and compliance management methods
  • Lack of visibility into GRC activities

Integrating your GRC programs within one technology platform makes it easy to manage mission-critical and interdependent disciplines such as:

Our data framework allows for seamless integration across the Quantivate GRC Software Suite, making Quantivate the only GRC solution for financial services built to scale.

We understand the needs of the financial industry and deliver a system designed with the flexibility needed to meet the challenges of today’s risk and regulatory landscapes.

Quantivate GRC Software Suite Datasheet

Capabilities You Need to Succeed

  • Scalable solutions to build GRC maturity
  • Real-time risk and compliance visibility
  • Cross-functional data integration
  • Automated workflows
  • Security and access controls
  • Dashboard interface
  • Configurable reports and visual data analytics
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Implementation and consulting service options