Vendor Due Diligence Services

Vendor Due Diligence Services

Your time is valuable and chasing down vendor information is time-consuming, expensive, and often never gets done. Quantivate provides complete vendor due diligence services to make your vendor and third party management initiatives easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

Our service offerings go beyond just a software solution. We combine our award-winning proprietary software solution with first-class vendor and third party due diligence services to provide you with a complete solution. Working with your staff on an ongoing basis, our due diligence experts set-up the due diligence process and communicate with your vendors. Our advanced solutions and processes save you time and resources while ensuring your vendor due diligence program meets regulatory requirements.

What We Do

  • Gather Due Diligence Data from your Vendors: Quantivate’s due diligence experts gather all necessary information from your vendors such as: financials, processes, procedures, SOC reports, and other required information to perform a thorough analysis so you pass your next audit.
  • Answer Questions: Quantivate experts will read through your vendor documentation and answer due diligence questions to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Critical Vendor Monitoring: Quantivate’s due diligence experts monitor public media and other sources for real-time information on critical vendors, which could affect your vendor risk ratings. If negative information is discovered which surfaces to the level of an actionable incident you will be notified through Quantivate Vendor Management vendor alert functionality.
  • Kick-off Risk Assessment Workflows: Create automated workflows in the Quantivate Software Solution to get you going faster.
  • Conduct Risk Assessment Interviews: Our experts will interview your staff to determine appropriate risk levels for each vendor based on information gathered during the due diligence process.
  • Ongoing Insurance Tracking: Leave the tedious ongoing vendor insurance tracking to us. We will track all expiration dates and gather new certificates of insurance for your vendors before they expire.
  • CPA Review: Our Certified Public Accountant will analyze complex vendor financials to provide analysis and rate the likelihood of financial failure impacting critical outsourced services.
  • CISSP Cyber Security Review: Our Certified Information Security Professional will analyze the security posture of your vendor. Data analyzed will include SOC reports, risk assessment results, and information security policies. Our expert will provide analysis and rate the likelihood of cyber risks impacting critical data stored or accessed by your critical vendors.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Why buy more than you need? Quantivate offers a range of solutions designed to meet your needs. Whether you need us to help you get started with your Due Diligence program or do everything for you, we have a solution to meet your needs.

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