Enterprise Risk Management 
(ERM) Software

Proactively identify, assess, and address risks across your organization with Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management Software.

ERM Software

Quantivate ERM Software enables your organization to improve the effectiveness of its risk assessment and mitigation programs and lower loss rates. The application deeply integrates with other key GRC software solutions, giving management greater access to information for strategic, enterprise-wide decision-making. Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management Software will help your organization create a culture of increased risk awareness — reducing risks while lowering costs. It provides a guided process for developing a data-driven ERM program that aligns your entire organization to the same strategic goals. You can connect risk to business objectives and performance with flexible tools and analytics that adapt to your organization’s processes while simplifying risk management and mitigation.

Looking to jumpstart an holistic ERM framework that integrates compliance and third-party risk data?

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Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management helps you:


Align ERM activities with business strategy, using tools and analytics that improve transparency and risk awareness


Coordinate an enterprise-wide approach to risk management with integrated


Link risk to financial impact, enabling informed decision-making


Leverage executive reporting tools to offer a high-level view of organizational risk and keep stakeholders informed


Take the right risks at the right time by developing a data-driven ERM program that helps you weigh risk versus opportunity, connecting risk to organizational strategy and performance


Implement consistent risk management processes throughout your organization by upgrading from static management systems like spreadsheets, which don't integrate data across various business units and departments

Flexible Enterprise Risk Management Software

Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management software is a fully integrated, easy-to-use, web-based solution that equips you to identify and proactively address risk across the enterprise. In addition, Quantivate helps align your risk management with corporate decision-making to strategically make the right resource decisions at the right time.

Enterprise Risk Management The Way You Work

Other ERM software solutions force you into a particular assessment model, limiting your flexibility and increasing your learning curve. However, Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management works the way you do by enabling you to choose either a process-based or scenario-based risk assessment model in combination with risk-level or category-level assessments. Now you can create a compliant and coordinated risk program that adds operational value to your organization, without learning new methodologies.

One Solution for Risk Management

Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management software has customizable capabilities to streamline your risk management processes, enabling your organization to set its risk priorities. Quantivate ERM brings together all your risk management needs into a single software solution, including:

  • Identifying your enterprise-wide assets, processes, or scenarios
  • Assessing each process or scenario according to a common risk framework
  • Prioritizing your risk management resources
  • Mitigating your risks to prevent loss
  • Monitoring past losses
  • Managing policies and procedures

Enterprise Risk Reporting Made Easy

The Quantivate GRC Platform’s Report Builder equips users to organize and visualize GRC program data with drag-and-drop ease. Quickly generate customized reports with data visualizations to communicate actionable risk and compliance insights.

  • Aggregate risk data across Quantivate products
  • Connect the dots between risk areas and GRC functions through data integration
  • Quickly build, customize, and export reports
  • Incorporate visual analytics with tables, charts, and graphs
  • Extract insights and trends from your ERM program

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Features You Need to Succeed

Quantivate guides organizations through establishing a data-driven ERM program, with risk management features including:

  • Risk calculator with qualitative and quantitative results
  • "What if" scenario analysis with risk scoring
  • Risk appetite statement
  • Key risk and performance indicators (KPIs, KRIs)
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Automated workflow management (integrated alerts, email notifications)
  • Pre-loaded content: baseline risk assessment, sample ERM policy
  • Business process and control libraries
  • Risk, vulnerability, and velocity assessments
  • Loss tracking
  • Loss event management
  • Report Builder, powered by the Quantivate GRC Insights engine: Quickly create ERM reports and data visualizations

Enterprise Risk Management Services

Many organizations don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to complete the risk management processes that may be necessary to meet regulatory requirements. That’s where Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management Services come in. Our ERM service offerings go beyond just a software solution. We combine our award-winning software with ERM consulting services to provide you with a complete solution featuring both proprietary technology and industry expertise.

Single Sign-On Capabilities

Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to utilize your company’s data (active directory) to automatically sign into the Quantivate platform without entering your username and password. Quantivate’s SSO solution supports user provisioning that automatically creates an account on the first login.