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4 Strategies for Stronger Vendor Relationships
vendor relationships
In today’s complex business environment, vendors often function as a critical piece of the puzzle in your organization’s capabilities. Healthy third-party partnerships can supplement…
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4 Ways Vendor Management Software Can Make Your Job Easier
vendor management software
Vendor management involves a lot of moving pieces. You have contracts to review, risk and performance metrics to monitor, vendor information to organize… and…
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Vendor Management Program Inventory Process
The last few months, customers have frequently asked, “How do you define what a vendor is?”. It seems like a straightforward question but can…
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Comprehensive Due Diligence
Why should you perform Due Diligence on a Product or Service and not just the Vendor? Vendors, especially larger companies, often provide numerous different…
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Evaluating GRC Solutions
Finding the right provider of GRC solutions can be difficult. Mainly because GRC Software solutions are sometimes complex, force you to change the way…
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