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Internal Audit as an Advantage
The purpose of internal audit is to provide assurance to an organization’s board members and managers on the effectiveness and efficiency of risk procedures…
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Audit Trails: Keeping Your Internal Audit Program Accountable & Compliant
audit trails
Internal auditing used to rely on manual processes and complex spreadsheets — and too often this is still the case for financial institutions. However,…
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How CAEs Can Build Internal Audit Agility
In the current business landscape, organizations need to manage risk from an integrated, organizational-wide lens. At the same time, chief audit executives are expected…
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Internal Audit Best Practices: How to Survive an FDIC or NCUA Audit
unified audit framework
Organizations today are facing fast-moving risks and increasing demand for real-time awareness and collaboration in internal audit (IA). Rather than auditors working and wading…
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Internal Audit vs. External Audit: What’s the Difference?
audit types
What's the difference between internal and external audit? While the internal and external audit functions are complementary and may need to work closely together,…
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