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Internal Audit vs. External Audit: What’s the Difference?
audit types
What's the difference between internal and external audit? While the internal and external audit functions are complementary and may need to work closely together,…
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Internal Audit Priorities You’re Probably Overlooking for 2019
internal audit priorities
With today’s rapidly changing risk and regulatory landscapes, internal audit is playing an increasingly important role in organizations’ governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) efforts.…
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4 Internal Audit Risk Areas to Watch in 2019
internal audit risk
Your internal audit risk outlook for 2019: Learn about emerging audit risk categories to guide your audit and risk management planning.
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Internal Audit Glossary: 16 Important Auditing Terms
GRC terminology
New to internal audits or about to start another audit cycle? Brush up on your internal audit terminology with this glossary of key terms…
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10 Steps for a Successful Audit Program
Internal Audit Program Steps Internal auditing is a key activity to ensure that your organization is compliant with applicable regulations and laws. The internal…
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