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Addressing Personal Liability for Compliance Professionals
CCO liability
Chief compliance officers face immense challenges in addressing the evolving needs and demands of compliance management. Particularly in the financial sector, compliance professionals hold…
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Building a Cybersecurity Framework: Success Factors for CISOs
Organizations across the globe have been working to overhaul and augment their IT systems and infrastructure as regulators and governing bodies clamp down on…
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Why Effective Policy Management Sets the Foundation for Your Risk & Compliance Program
effective policy management
Policies are critical for the overall governance and operations of every organization around the globe. Policies act as a guardrail for employees to act…
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Compliance Pitfalls: What the CCO Needs to Know
Compliance is a monumental challenge for financial institutions. Compliance management requirements and the regulatory landscape are constantly shifting, making it paramount for organizations to…
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Where the CFO Meets GRC
Organizations can’t afford to look at risk and financial operations as departmentalized units. Financial management and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) functions must adhere…
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