Risk & Compliance Roundup: May Regulatory Brief, IT Audit Tips

  • May 16, 2024
  • Quantivate

Welcome to your weekly roundup of risk and compliance management resources, brought to you by Ncontracts.

This edition covers topics including:

New from the Nsight Blog

May 2024 Regulatory Brief: Final Rules Plus Will Mortgages Be the Next Junk Fees?

Explore the latest compliance news and analysis from Ncontracts’ team of regulatory experts. This month’s overview covers:

  • CFPB Supervisory Highlights
  • Recent enforcement actions and the first bank failure of 2024
  • Final rules from the FTC and SBA
  • More compliance news and developments from the NCUA, CISA, and other agencies

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Q&A: Understanding IT Audits at Financial Institutions

In this Q&A, hear from an audit expert on how auditors without an IT background and smaller institutions with limited resources can conduct effective cybersecurity audits through prioritizing collaboration, examining common controls, and even leveraging AI.

Bonus Resource: Compliance Podcast

Transformative Compliance Tactics: Getting to “Yes” in a Complex Regulatory World

Tired of compliance being seen as a roadblock? In the latest episode of the Ncast podcast, Rafael DeLeon, Ncontracts’ SVP of Industry Engagement, sits down with Michelle Prohaska, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer at Nymbus, to discuss how to demonstrate your compliance team’s value as a strategic business partner.

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