Building a Cybersecurity Framework: Success Factors for CISOs

  • June 23, 2021
  • Quantivate

Organizations across the globe have been working to overhaul and augment their IT systems and infrastructure as regulators and governing bodies clamp down on data and cybersecurity. Despite this increased emphasis, many organizations are still failing to recognize and address the weakest links in their cybersecurity framework.

IT risk and compliance exposure involves a complex web of vulnerabilities that cross business boundaries, departments, and functions. The impact of a seemingly isolated cyber risk can soon cause trouble throughout all levels of the organization.

To meet regulatory requirements and standards, CISOs and other IT leaders need to monitor and manage IT risks as part of an integrated strategy that approaches cybersecurity, enterprise risk, and compliance from a holistic business and organizational lens. Siloed processes and lack of integration are common barriers to building effectiveness, efficiency, and agility within your organizationā€™s IT and cybersecurity management framework.

Building a Cybersecurity Management Framework for the Future

A proper framework will help your organization understand and keep pace with the constantly changing requirements within data protection and IT security laws, enforce privacy and controls across third parties, and manage information assets and data security.

Organizations need to integrate their cybersecurity system into the rest of the business if they intend to stay on top of evolving risks. Integrated processes and technologies help ensure that business functions and information stay current with the pace of change.

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The full extent of risks and requirements surrounding cybersecurity must be addressed in a standardized and integrated IT and GRC architecture. Taking your risk and compliance functions out of silos is key to building a consistent and compliant framework for your organization.

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