Quantivate Software & Service Automates the Business Continuity Lifecycle

  • July 14, 2008

Redmond, WA July 14th 2008 — Quantivate, a three year old startup out of Redmond Washington has released new functionality to automate the process of creating and managing business continuity plans. This new functionality is available immediately in Prizm, Quantivate’s web-based business continuity management platform. “One of the biggest pain points of doing business continuity in today’s fast paced world is that once a you print out a disaster recovery or business continuity plan it is quickly out of date. Our new workflow functionality combined with our ability to take data in from any data source means that your plan will stay updated real-time.” says Andy Vanderhoff, President of Quantivate

The increasing severity and duration of disasters has made business continuity a priority for all organizations: public, private, large and small. Quantivate provides the expertise and software at an affordable price so that all organizations can be prepared for tomorrow, today. The addition of workflow functionality means that Quantivate customers will be guided through the streamlined process of creating a plan. After it is created, the software will automatically email when updates are due. If users don’t complete assigned tasks the software can alert the appropriate management. “Workflow helps ensure that the dollars invested in business continuity are not wasted. Using Prizm, the time it takes to create and update business continuity plans is reduced by over 40%” notes Michael Carter, Vice President of Quantivate consulting services.

For additional information or a sample copy, contact:

Andy Vanderhoff

Prizm is a web based robust platform that enables organizations to efficiently implement the business continuity lifecycle including business impact analysis, recovery and continuity strategy identification, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, risk identification and tracking. Prizm also includes functionality to leverage the data collected through business continuity for compliance efforts including but not limited to SOX, JSOX, PCI, HIPAA, and PII.

About Quantivate: Quantivate was founded in 2005 by Andy Vanderhoff and Michael Carter, two industry experts who have implemented Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for many fortune 1000 companies including Progressive Insurance, AT&T Wireless, Boeing, Safeco Insurance and most recently Washington Mutual. In 2006, the first version of Prizm was released. In 2007, Quantivate pioneered business continuity as a service model. This made business continuity affordable and accessible to all organizations and industries. Today Quantivate’s current customer base includes a diverse set of organizations such as World Vision (a billion dollar non-profit), King County (the 12th largest county in the US), Alaska Airlines (11th largest domestic Airline), Snohomish County Public Utilities District, and Banner Bank a growing regional community bank. Quantivate, based in Redmond, WA is a privately held limited liability company.