Quantivate launches GRC solution built to scale with financial institutions as they grow

  • April 4, 2023

Quantivate Now accelerates governance, risk, and compliance program maturity for banks and credit unions

SEATTLE, April 4, 2023 — Quantivate today announced the launch of Quantivate® Now™, the only governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution built to scale with the unique needs of banks and credit unions at the beginning of their GRC maturity journey.

“Quantivate Now is the only solution designed to accelerate GRC maturity for financial institutions that are just getting started with building or digitizing their program,” said Julia O’Connell, Quantivate’s senior vice president of product management.

Quantivate Now gives financial institutions the ability to ramp up quickly in core risk and compliance disciplines with an integrated technology platform. The solution provides an entry point for firms seeking to develop or formalize their GRC management capabilities, eliminate manual processes, and integrate across functions.

The software platform offers rapid implementation and ease of use with streamlined functionality for managing enterprise risk, compliance, vendors, business continuity, internal audits, and cybersecurity.

“Financial institutions are looking for ways to eliminate silos and move away from spreadsheet-based, manual processes that are error-prone and cumbersome. They’re also trying to accomplish more amid staffing shortages,” O’Connell said. “Quantivate Now brings GRC disciplines together to improve efficiency, increase accuracy, save time, and reduce operational costs.”

“Quantivate Now also helps banks and credit unions stay on top of rapidly changing regulatory requirements and make strategic decisions that help them remain resilient in the face of economic uncertainty and adverse events,” O’Connell said.

Financial institutions that start their GRC journey with Quantivate Now have the option to expand to Quantivate’s complete suite of governance, risk, and compliance solutions as they grow or as their management needs become more complex.

About Quantivate

Quantivate has provided web-based governance, risk, and compliance software and service solutions to organizations of all sizes since 2005. Since then, the company has grown to feature a full suite of GRC applications, including Business Continuity, Vendor Management, Enterprise Risk Management, IT Risk Management, Internal Audit, Compliance Management, Policy & Document Management, Complaint Management, and Issue Management. Our GRC solutions have helped thousands of customers transform how they manage risk, improve compliance, and strengthen governance.