Quantivate Releases New Enterprise Risk Management Software

  • February 15, 2011

Woodinville, WA, February 15, 2011: Quantivate LLC, the leading provider of web based Business Continuity Software and Vendor Management Software, today announced the release of Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software.

Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a fully integrated web-based solution that enables organizations to improve the effectiveness of its risk assessment and mitigation programs. The application deeply integrates with Quantivate Business Continuity and Vendor Management, enabling an organization’s management greater access to information for strategic decision making.

Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) enables organizations to identify, assess, prioritize, mitigate, monitor, and manage their risk all in one easy-to-use web based solution. Unlike other ERM solutions, the Quantivate platform enables users to choose either a Process or a Scenario-based risk assessment model to avoid having to learn new assessment methodologies.

“Quantivate ERM brings together all an organizations risk management needs into a single software solution. The software’s easy-to-use customizable capabilities streamline an organizations risk management processes and enable them to easily set risk priorities,” said Andy Vanderhoff, President of Quantivate. “Quantivate ERM is another example of our commitment to produce innovative solutions that deliver immediate value to our customers,” he added.

Quantivate ERM Feature Highlights

  • Web-based Software
  • Business process library
  • Compliance with NCUA, FFIEC, OTS, or OCC
  • Automatic risk calculations
  • Loss Tracking
  • Executive Reporting
  • Customizable dashboards, fields, and reports
  • Import, convert and integrate with any data source
  • Integrate IT & InfoSec risk assessment with business risk assessment
  • Unlimited training


Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is immediately available. Please contact sales@quantivate.com, call 1-800-969-4107, or sign up for an in-depth webinar at https://quantivate.com/public_site/webinars.php.