Bank Complaint Management Software

Manage and automate the entire complaint lifecycle.

Complaint Management Software for Banks

Complaints are a regular occurrence for banks. With growing regulatory oversight, complaints are no longer limited to just your customer service staff; they may be reported to industry regulators as well. Failure to manage complaints appropriately — or receiving too many of the same complaints — can lead to audits, fines, and reputational risk. However, effectively tracking complaints can provide valuable insights into your bank's operations, such as potential regulatory issues, employee training gaps, or customer service problems. This is where effective complaint management software solutions can help.

Because consumer complaints can be received through multiple sources (call centers, service staff, or regulators) and via different channels (verbal, email, social media, or direct mail), it is imperative to maintain consistent records across the organization. Maintaining records on spreadsheets and files no longer pass regulatory requirements and can lead to audit findings, fines, and reputational damage. In order to meet regulatory requirements and provide actionable information, complaints must be collected in a central database to be investigated and managed properly.

Quantivate Complaint Management helps you:


Centralize your management efforts with a single platform for recording, investigating, and managing complaints


Improve customer service by ensuring timely, consistent handling of complaints and resolutions


Track complaints in real time, set up notifications for task management and regulatory timelines, and leverage built-in analytics to monitor the complaint lifecycle


Maintain a central database for recording, investigating, and managing complaints — uniting your complaint management processes in a single platform


Take advantage of powerful reporting capabilities to identify areas for improvement such as customer service problems, employee training gaps, or compliance issues


View complaint patterns by location, product, service, or other parameters

Simple and Effective SaaS Complaint Management

Quantivate Bank Complaint Management Software is a simple and effective SaaS solution that automates the process of complaint management. This easy-to-use and configurable solution includes the ability to:

  • Track and manage complaints from customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders
  • Record follow-up actions
  • Report on any findings or regulatory non-conformance that may be associated with a complaint

With one centralized database, Quantivate Complaint Management Software enables you to manage the entire complaint lifecycle with real-time complaint tracking, reporting, alerts, and escalation of potential issues.

Quantivate Complaint Management can be used as a stand-alone complaint management module or integrated as part of the complete Quantivate GRC Software Suite.

Bank Regulatory Compliance

Quantivate Complaint Management Software facilitates compliance with the growing regulatory environment, helping banks meet both governmental and voluntary regulations for complaint handling. There is a limited amount of time to resolve complaints when they are received from a regulatory agency, such as the CFPB, BBB, NCUA, FDIC, or others. Quantivate Complaint Management provides metrics and notifications to help you keep track of those deadlines, responses, and follow-ups to ensure timely response to all complaints.

Quantivate's flexible complaint management platform enables users to enter their own regulators, response timelines, and contact information to properly track complaints within any industry.

Features Your Bank Needs to Succeed

Quantivate Complaint Management Software gives your bank all the tools you need to create consistent processes for handling and resolving complaints, including:

  • Complaint Management and Resolution – Provides a single-point solution for entering, researching, and resolving complaints brought by consumers directly to the organization or through other sources like social media.
  • Real-Time Complaint Tracking – As complaints are recorded, investigated, and resolved, easily visualize and track the complaint status and lifecycle across multiple channels.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Effectively meet regulatory requirements from the CFPB, UDAAP, DFI, ISO, etc. In addition, enter tracking information for other regulators of your choice.
  • Escalations – Automatically escalate complaints that have been open or idle for too long.
  • Response Templates – Use built-in response templates, or create your own, to respond quickly to common complaints.
  • Executive Reporting and Dashboards – Designed to offer insights for busy executives who want to quickly understand relevant risk trends.
  • Analytics – Analyze which products, services, or locations are trending with high or low complaint volume.
  • Alerts and Notifications – Customize notifications to automatically alert you when a complaint is received, escalated, approved, resolved, or has remained open for too long.
  • GRC Integration – Quantivate Complaint Management Software integrates with other Quantivate GRC modules for consistent risk management practices.
  • Flexible User and Group Permissions – Easily create and assign complaint management roles to different individuals, groups, or departments in your organization.
  • Automated Workflows – Create, configure, or customize workflows that lead users through simple complaint response processes.

Benefits of Quantivate Complaint Management Software

  • Streamline complaint management and reduce costs by improving authorization, research, and resolution times.
  • Remain compliant with regulators.
  • Implement an bank-wide complaint management process with a proven SaaS platform.
  • Reduce reputation risks and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring timely and effective complaint investigation.
  • Automate the process of assigning complaints and related investigations.
  • Manage the entire complaint lifecycle with real-time complaint tracking, reporting, alerts, and escalation of potential issues.

Single Sign-On Capabilities

Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to utilize your company’s data (active directory) to automatically sign into the Quantivate platform without entering your username and password. Quantivate’s SSO solution supports user provisioning, which automatically creates an account on the first login.