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Quantivate IT GRC software creates closer connections and more collaboration between the business and the IT departments. Quantivate IT GRC manages the IT requirements for regulations, and embeds them into IT policies and communicates the policies throughout the organization ensuring compliance.

Reliance on Information Technology (IT) is an increasing factor in today’s business environment and IT infrastructures are continuing to grow more complex which creates increased risk. In addition, growing government regulations and customer demand are requiring greater oversight and monitoring of IT infrastructure security. Responding to these forces requires effective management and ongoing administration of IT.

The Quantivate IT GRC software solution enables the implementation of an integrated IT GRC program throughout the enterprise. The solution enables CIOs and IT Managers to perform many activities including  IT governance and policy management, IT asset tracking, IT risk assessment and response, IT control implementation, IT regulatory compliance and reporting, IT incident and threat management, IT vendor risk and performance management,  and ongoing IT auditing.

Quantivate IT GRC Software Highlights

Quantivate IT GRC Compliance

Easy Management

Quantivate IT GRC provides you with a powerful web-based software solution to manage your IT programs. The intuitive dashboard interface gives you one-click access to critical reports, including risk assessments, penetration/vulnerability/social engineering test results, data classification, critical IT assets, data-system mapping, control evidence, IS policies, program documentation, and more.

Single Sign-On Capabilities

Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to utilize your company’s data (active directory) to automatically sign into the Quantivate platform without entering your user name and password. Quantivate’s SSO solution supports user provisioning which automatically creates an account on the first login.

IT GRC Services

Quantivate Partner, Rivial Data Security provides a number of IT GRC services including:


* Non-public domain control frameworks must be purchased separately.