Quantivate GRC Software Solutions

Quantivate’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software solution enables you to effectively manage your risks, compliance, and governance initiatives across the enterprise. Quantivate’s flexible yet robust suite of GRC modules includes:

The Quantivate GRC Software Suite enables organizations to implement risk management and compliance processes that are aligned with organizational strategy while still adapting to the specific needs of each business area.


Single Sign-On

By Dan Banning

Did you know the Quantivate platform has Single Sign-On (SSO) Capabilities? Today’s business environments rely heavily on a number of different technologies and applications. While this creates greater efficiencies, it also increases the number of passwords users must remember. Security best practices require those passwords be unique, strong and frequently changed. It’s no wonder users […]

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New Workflow Engine

By Dan Banning

Dynamic Workflow Engine The Quantivate GRC platform now includes a native workflow engine that helps manage and support GRC processes. The workflow engine enables you to easily build workflows that control the routing and gathering of information and the notification of completion. Deliver scalable and relevant workflows to your enterprise From basic tasks to complex […]

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Vendor Management: Change the performance scale

By Mark Callender

Vendor Management: Change the performance scale. How are you managing the performance of your third parties? Are they meeting your expectations? Are they providing good service? Do they have a service level agreement and who is monitoring that SLA? A lot of organizations use a keep vs. fire or A vs. F system of evaluating […]

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