Insurance & Financial Services Solutions

Regulatory requirements for the Insurance and Financial Services industry are on the rise, and are expected to continue into the future. In addition to the increasing regulations, customers and clients are requiring more increased service, while management and investors are requiring greater ROI from software, services, and systems to show greater profitability. In today’s market, organizations need to not only plan for operational resiliency but also for to increased services (claims adjusters) during a major event.

With the integrated Quantivate GRC Suite it is easy for financial institution to integrate distinct yet interdependent disciplines such as business continuity, vendor management, information security, audit management, and enterprise risk management. Data integrates seamlessly between the modules and Quantivate’s solution will grow with your organization.

Quantivate knows that each organization is unique, and has made its solutions’ customizability, flexibility, and configurability the unconditional foundation of the Quantivate platform.

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Regulatory Compliance

Quantivate enables organizations to effectively, and efficiently comply with the various regulations covering financial institutions including:

Quantivate’s products and services have been audited, reviewed, and passed examinations from many state and federal examiners – including: