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May 2016

Maximizing Risk Results

by William Hord

May 31, 2016 01:05 pm

Maximizing Risk Results: Combining Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Assessments

The Challenge

To bring value to our organization’s enterprise risk management is becoming increasingly more complex as we attempt to set strategy and objectives to strike a balance between growth and return related to risk. Boards and senior management are demanding more data from their risk managers to effectively set their strategy and objectives. It is incumbent upon us to deliver this valuable information in a timely, appropriate and objective fashion to help steer the organization’s success. (more…)

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What’s Your Risk Culture?

by William Hord

May 27, 2016 10:05 am

When I have asked various industry leaders what does their Sales and/or Service culture look like and how is it effective they almost always perk up and deliver an enthusiastic and detailed account. However, when the same question is asked about their Risk culture I am usually met with pause, shrugged shoulders and generally at best a high-level “we do a good job managing risk everyday” type of response. (more…)

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