Audit Software Bundle

Implement a consistent audit framework across your entire organization.

Quantivate Audit Bundle

Maximize your audit planning and activities by accessing all your data in one place. The Quantivate Audit Bundle helps organizations manage internal audits, policies, and compliance in a single, centralized platform. Audit teams will be equipped to get clearer view of the audit lifecycle and increase coordination with other risk management efforts.


Learn more about how a Quantivate Software Bundle can help your organization save time and money on your risk and compliance management initiatives.


Included GRC Software Modules:

Internal Audit Software Policy & Document Management Software Compliance Management Software

Internal Audit Software

internal auditStreamline internal audit processes, improve productivity, and increase coordination with other risk management activities.

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Policy & Document Management Software

policy managementSimplify and streamline policy creation, management, and distribution with solutions for defining the document lifecycle and creating an efficient, enterprise-wide policy management process.

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Policy & Document Management Software →

Compliance Management Software

compliance managementKeep pace with regulatory change and increase visibility by using a centralized platform for tracking compliance-related changes and requirements, organizing compliance documentation, and managing compliance processes. 

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The Quantivate platform’s integration provides a strategic, enterprise-level approach to auditing through mapping audit findings to relevant policies, and policies to laws/regulations and regulatory changes. 


Keep pace with regulatory change and improve external audit readiness. Use tools for creating corrective action plans following an internal audit, documenting policy attestations and exceptions, and monitoring compliance status.

Feature Highlights

  • Configurable workflows and task management 
  • Centralized data and document storage 
  • Built-in tools and content:
    • Dashboards for tracking audit work, status, and history 
    • Sample audit charter 
    • Audit checklists and questionnaires 
    • Employee self-service policy portal 
    • In-software document viewer
    • Compliance status dashboards
    • Law & regulation library
    • Compliance testing templates and gap reports
  • Guided processes for:

    • Risk assessments 
    • Audit plan creation 
    • Audit scheduling and task assignments 
    • Gathering management responses to audit findings 
    • Creating and uploading policies and other documents 
    • Collecting and managing policy attestations and auditing attestation results 
    • Managing policy exceptions 
    • Testing employees on important policies
    • Compliance task management
    • Automated audit tracking of all compliance changes