Supplier and Vendor Risk Management for Manufacturers

Do you know whom you are doing business with? In today’s marketplace, manufacturers are relying on an ever-increasing number of third parties and suppliers for essential business functions. This opens the organization to greater risk levels than ever before. In addition, Conflict Mineral Disclosures, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, and other laws and regulations are forcing manufacturers to do greater due diligence and identify their critical suppliers to gain a better understanding of their supply chain. Quantivate Supplier and Vendor Management module allows manufacturers to identify potential supplier risks, verify that suppliers are compliant, and continue to monitor changes that can create new risks.

Supplier and Vendor Management

Quantivate’s Supplier and Vendor Management software for manufacturers include:

  • Centralized file library for third party data and contract management
  • Supplier and vendor risk management and due diligence
  • Easy to use dashboard interface
  • Comprehensive and customizable reporting
  • Dynamic Workflow Engine
  • Notifications