Next-Generation GRC
for Credit Unions

Credit Union GRC: Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

GRC management has come a long way from binders full of documentation, unwieldy spreadsheets, and other manual processes. Rather than just a catch-all term for unconnected management activities, truly integrated GRC — sometimes referred to as integrated risk management — takes a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to understanding risks and opportunities to better support your credit union’s strategic initiatives.

For GRC management to be successful in today’s credit union industry and into the future, it must be technology-enabled to adapt to changing needs and equip teams to manage, monitor, and act on risk and compliance in real time. In short, effective GRC should be strategic, integrated, and digitized:

GRC is strategic...

when it in equips leadership to make informed, risk-based decisions that align with organizational objectives.

GRC is integrated...

when data is shared across business units and departments, reducing duplication and breaking down silos. This promotes a better understanding of your organization’s risks and their impact on business outcomes.

GRC is digitized...

when all activities are united in a single platform that automates manual tasks, simplifies workflows, and stores data and documentation, creating a centralized management hub and standard processes.

The Benefits of GRC Software

GRC technology is only helpful inasmuch as it is paired with good processes. Once credit unions have strong policies and procedures in place, investing in a GRC solution can assist in making significant improvements in organizational performance, decision-making, risk awareness, and digital transformation.


Launching a new product or service, contracting with a new vendor, or reacting to market changes becomes faster and more efficient when you have the data you need to analyze risks and opportunities.


Sharing data across business units, departments, and risk and compliance functions is not only more cost efficient, but also enables more accurate risk assessment.


Automating manual activities and developing repeatable processes simplifies day-to-day management tasks, reducing time and labor requirements and minimizing human error.


As part of the cross-functional communication and analytics made possible by risk integration, leadership and stakeholders have access to the information they need to make informed decisions through real-time dashboards and executive reports.


Technology-enabled integration helps risk and compliance management teams analyze and share their data for a 360-degree view of your credit union's risk landscape, enabling informed, strategic decisions that lead to better performance.


Through continual risk oversight and compliance monitoring, credit unions can prepare for the future, be primed to act, and have peace of mind that their GRC program aligns with strategic objectives and meets regulatory requirements.

Quantivate's Comprehensive GRC Platform

Powerful risk & compliance management solutions. Even better together.

The Quantivate GRC Software Suite was designed to help credit unions quickly implement a holistic, integrated GRC program. Our software products are robust on their own but even better together thanks to built-in integration that provides powerful data-sharing and automation capabilities.

In addition to compliance management systems for credit unions, Quantivate offers a full suite of GRC solutions for:

enterprise risk management software

Credit Union Enterprise Risk Management

Identify, assess, and address risks that affect your operations.
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vendor management software

Credit Union Vendor Management

Assess, identify, and mitigate supplier and third-party risks across the enterprise.

business continuity software

Credit Union Business Continuity

Build and manage effective business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Credit Union IT risk management software

Credit Union IT Risk Management

Drive business value and streamline IT risk management.

credit union internal audit software

Credit Union Internal Audit

Automate the internal audit process and boost productivity.

credit union complaint management software

Credit Union Complaint Management

Streamline your member complaint management processes.