Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software

Identify Processes, Mitigate Risk, Prevent Loss

Enterprise Risk Management Software

Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management software enables your organization to improve the effectiveness of its risk assessment and mitigation programs and lower loss rates. The application deeply integrates with other key GRC software solutions, giving management greater access to information for more informed strategic enterprise wide decisions. Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management will help your organization create a culture of increased risk awareness – reducing risks, while lowering costs.

Flexible Enterprise Risk Management Software

Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management software is a fully integrated, easy-to-use, web-based solution that enables you to identify and proactively address risk across the enterprise. In addition, Quantivate helps align your risk management with corporate decision-making to strategically make the right resource decisions at the right time.

Enterprise Risk Management The Way You Work

Other enterprise risk management software solutions force you into a particular assessment model limiting your flexibility and increasing your learning curve. However, Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management works the way you work by enabling you to choose either a process-based or scenario-based risk assessment model. Now you can create a compliant and coordinated risk program that adds operational value to your organization, without learning new methodologies.

One Solution for Risk Management

Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management software has easy-to-use customizable capabilities to streamline your risk management processes enabling your organization to set its risk priorities. Quantivate ERM brings together all your risk management needs into a single software solution, including:

Capabilities You Need to Succeed

With Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management software, you can anticipate and swiftly respond to changing business conditions, as well as monitor your overall business risk. Capabilities for business risk management can allow you to:

Optional Consulting and Implementation

Optional implementation services are available from The Paragon Consulting Group. The Paragon Group has been providing consulting services to banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions for over 15 years. The Paragon Consulting Group will help your organization evaluate, prioritize, and maximize your assets so you can effectively meet future challenges.