Enterprise Risk Management for Energy and Utility Companies

The energy and utility industries face a variety of risks and issues including financial risks, expectations from customers, reducing accidents and injuries, losses to plants or infrastructure, and increasing regulatory oversight. In addition, constant market changes, internal forces, and regulatory demand make it difficult to determine what risks are the most critical. Quantivate ERM software enables organizations to closely analyze their risks and opportunities to better align them with strategic plans. In addition, energy and utility companies can define strategic objectives and track their performance through KPIs, and monitor potential hazards through KRIs.

The Quantivate ERM Solution for energy and utilities includes:

  • Risk heat maps
  • Risk and control assessments
  • Automated alerts
  • Risk analytics
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • What-if Scenario analysis
  • Loss Event Management