The Zombie Apocalypse is Real – How your business continuity plan would come in handy

  • January 14, 2014
  • Robin Conner

With the popularity of Zombies these days, you may be wondering how your business continuity plan would come in handy during a zombie apocalypse situation? If so, continue reading, if not get back to work!

So…in the event of a zombie apocalypse, what would you do? Who would you call? Do you know the steps you would take to survive? If zombies were literally everywhere you turned, what would be your plan of attack to continue with your day to day activities? You are probably thinking to yourself, “thank goodness I am a Business Continuity plan owner!!”.

First things first, contact any critical initial contacts that may be able to help. You will probably want to call the zombie task force and the local hospital for any zombie inflicted injuries. Then once you have made sure everyone is safe, determine whether this is truly a disaster. Ask yourself a few questions before just jumping into disaster mode. Is the whole country under attack or just my crazy co-workers? How long are these zombies going to be around for?

Once you decide, that yes, zombies taking over the country is a DISASTER, contact Management. There is no way you can take them on all alone.

Continue to assess the impact and try to look at how you can best continue your daily processes. Make sure to dodge the groaning and speedy creatures, as you want to escape them as fast as possible! Implement any necessary workaround solutions until the situation has improved and the impact is within a tolerable range.

Finally, the zombies are beginning to go back into the ground (or go back to wherever they go). You still have to wade through pools of blood to go to work, but once you get there, everything is functioning and people have gone back to talking about the weather. It is now safe to deactivate from the disaster. Phew! Now go grab a drink, fill out all the documentation forms, begin trying to conquer your backlog of work, and complete your after action team meeting.

So, you have survived. For now. Now aren’t you glad you had that Business Continuity Plan?

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