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Building Resilience Into IT Risk Management
Operational resilience has become a hot topic in compliance and risk management circles. The ability to absorb business disruptions like data breaches or critical…
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Build Resilience to Risk & Disruption: Considerations for COOs
operational resilience
Modern organizations operate in a dynamic environment, and chief operating officers have a difficult job keeping this change and complexity in sync with the…
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3 Ways to Strengthen Business Continuity: Tips for COOs
COOs and other operations leaders need to look no further than the barrage of guidance from global financial regulators to see the importance of…
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Building Operational Resiliency for Financial Institutions
operational resiliency for financial institutions
Regulators across the globe have been putting a greater emphasis on operational resiliency. Operational disruptions and emerging risks pose a significant challenge to organizations,…
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Business Continuity Maturity: Resilient or Reversing?
business continuity maturity
Business continuity maturity and operational resilience took the spotlight in 2020 as organizations scrambled to get their plans in order and updated with pandemic…
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