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Pandemic Planning for Business Continuity
pandemic planning
Operational resiliency is essential in times of crisis. And a comprehensive business continuity program helps organizations plan for, and succeed through, a range of…
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Your Business Continuity Questions Answered
risk management questions
A Q&A with Quantivate CEO Andy Vanderhoff
Gaining internal buy-in for a business continuity program from peers and executive leadership is…
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Business Continuity Planning: 5 Smart Steps to Get You Started
business continuity planning
How does your organization define business continuity? In today’s corporate environment, continuity planning has to cover more than major natural or man-made disasters. The…
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Attaining Executive Support for Your Business Continuity Program
Nothing can derail a continuity program faster than having executives who don’t support the initiative. The following are tips to help “sell” your BCM…
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Mature Business Continuity Plans through Exercising
business continuity exercise
Take Your Continuity Plans to the Next Level With An Effective Business Continuity Exercise  The annual business continuity exercise has passed. It is now…
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