IT & Cybersecurity
Software Bundle

Protect your organization from IT risk and cyber threats.

Quantivate IT & Cybersecurity Bundle

Protect your business from IT risk and cyber threats, managing important data and resources. The Quantivate IT & Cybersecurity Bundle equips organizations to keep pace with cybersecurity best practices through an integrated approach that considers vendor / third-party risk, disaster recovery procedures, and the role of IT within the context of broader business strategy.


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Included GRC Software Modules:

IT Risk Management Software Vendor Management Software Business Continuity Software

IT Risk Management Software

IT risk managementA complete solution for defining and monitoring IT risk, streamlining management processes, meeting regulatory requirements, and aligning IT functions and budgeting with business goals.

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IT Risk Management Software →

Vendor Management Software

vendor managementManage the full vendor lifecycle and get a complete view of your organization’s third-party partnerships with tools and resources for due diligence, contract reviews, risk and compliance management, and more.

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Business Continuity Software

business continuityAn all-in-one solution for business continuity and disaster recovery planning and management. Simplify and streamline your organization’s processes for identifying critical processes and resources, assessing and monitoring risk, and managing incidents.

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Get a high-level view of IT functions to better understand connections and dependencies within your organization. Use built-in tools and processes including an IT risk register, asset identification and management, vendor performance monitoring and incident tracking, and robust reporting and analytics.


Protect your organization through the development of a well-rounded approach to security that considers not only cyber risk, but also third-party risk and continuity and recovery procedures. Implement a standardized approach to risk management with the Quantivate platform’s centralized management hub featuring integrated processes and data sharing.

Feature Highlights

  • Configurable workflows and task management 
  • Centralized data and document storage 
  • Built-in tools and content:

    • IT risk register 
    • Templates for vendor analysis, termination, incident polling, and contract reviews  
    • Vendor self-service portal 
    • Business process library 
    • Templates for BC/DR plans and crisis management 
  • Guided processes for:

    • Risk and control assessments 
    • Vulnerability management 
    • IT asset identification and management 
    • New vendor analysis 
    • Vendor risk scoring 
    • Vendor incident tracking 
    • Identifying critical business processes and resources 
    • Creating business continuity and disaster recovery plans