White Paper: COSO ERM Overview

This overview of the COSO ERM Framework focuses on the current COSO ERM Model and its components since those will most likely not change dramatically with the new version. The new version provides additional clarity and focuses more on the strategic aspect of ERM in conjunction with the model.

Other Helpful Tools and Software

Enterprise Risk

Reduce Risk and Lower Costs

Regulatory Compliance Management

Ensure Accountability Throughout Your Organization

Internal Audit

Streamline Audit Processes and Improve Productivity

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Software

Vendor Management

Gain a Complete View of Your Vendor Relationships and Risks


Create Closer Connections and More Collaboration

Complaint Management

Collect Complaint Data and Manage Reputational Risk

GRC Software Suite

Manage Risks, Compliance, and Governance Initiatives Across the Enterprise