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Quantifying how much GRC software will help your organization is hard. Quantivate’s Savings Calculator makes it easy with free, personalized savings estimates.

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Safe and Secure

The data you enter and the associated savings are safely encrypted. Your personal identifiable information and data you enter will never be sold or used by another party.

Savings Data, Simplified

The Savings Calculator will help you calculate your current expenditures on GRC in addition to what you can save by investing in Quantivate software.

Results You Can Share

Once finished, you will receive an itemized PDF breaking down the savings you saw for easy storage and sharing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know the answer to a question?

No problem at all! Estimates are accepted and we have included a buffer percentage you can control to account for any you make. Think your answers are off by 20%? Insert 20 when you get to that question!

How are your savings calculated?

Our savings are calculated based on the data you insert and a custom savings rate that we have calculated after working with third-party consultants, independent publications, and even customers to confirm their legitimacy.

Who is the calculator built for?

To ensure relevancy, our current calculator has been built for banks and credit unions, but we won't stop there! We are actively working to build out the calculators for the other industries we serve! If you don't see yours, contact our team here to learn more about how we can help your organization.

Does it cost anything to keep my results?

Our Savings Calculator and the results it generates are completely free.