IT Risk Management Made Easy

Built from the ground up to address the needs of IT professionals at banks and credit unions, Quantivate IT Risk Management comes loaded with the content, configurable capabilities, and optional services they need to be successful.

Banks and credit unions that rely on Quantivate IT Risk Management:

According to Ernst & Young's 2021 Information Security Survey, 81 percent of executive respondents reported that COVID-19 forced them to bypass cybersecurity processes.

Scary, right?

Mature Your IT Risk Management Program

Reduce IT Risk

Standardize risk management processes with fully configurable workflows, assessments, and more.
IT Risk Management is a scalable solution that is continuously updating to address the ever-changing risk environment.

Make Informed Decisions

The IT Risk Management application reduces data silos through integration with five other applications in the Quantivate GRC Suite to connect risk to financial impact. Robust analytics and reporting enable teams to share those results effectively.

Enhance Oversight

Utilize IT Risk Management's configurable tools including asset identification, an IT risk register, and dashboards that enable institutions to visualize their most important metrics.

Verify Compliance

Access Quantivate's controls library that covers standard eight standard frameworks and also integrates with the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) to solve any additional compliance complexities.

Software & Services Financial Institutions Can Rely On

Quantivate partners with Rivial Data Security to provide software content that addresses the current IT risk environment and optional professional services to aid banks and credit unions at all stages of maturity.

Fully Configurable Software. From assessment taxonomies to workflows and notifications, nearly everything in Quantivate's IT Risk Management application can be easily configured to fit your institution's unique processes.

Integrated GRC Platform. Quantivate's applications integrate with the rest of our GRC Suite to ensure you can leverage all of the data points you need and enable other programs to do the same.

Best-in-Class Assessments. Considered the gold standard in risk management, Rivial's exclusive risk assessment methodology is based on NIST 800-30 and is built directly into the IT Risk Management platform.

Optional Services to Augment Capabilities. In partnership with Rivial, Quantivate customers have access to manual user training, network penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and more.