Quantivate GRC Software
for Manufacturers

More than just GRC software, Quantivate’s integrated framework and services work the way you do, empowering manufacturers to manage governance, risk, and compliance in one seamless and scalable system.

GRC Software for Manufacturing

With the Quantivate GRC Suite for manufacturing companies, it is easy to integrate distinct yet interdependent disciplines such as business continuity, vendor and supplier risk management, information and IT security, audit management, regulatory compliance, and enterprise risk management. Quantivate’s true SaaS platform is designed to allow seamless integration of data between the various Quantivate GRC modules. Its flexible design allows the solution to scale to the needs of any organization.

With Quantivate GRC solutions for the manufacturing industry, manufacturers can document, track, and manage all GRC initiatives at all levels of the organization:

  • Manage standards such as ISO, NIST, COBIT, SCADA, etc.
  • Ensure compliance for regulations such as Conflict Minerals Disclosure, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, SOX, and Ethics
  • Manage enterprise-wide risk
  • Ensure continued Audit Readiness
  • Maintain a secure IT infrastructure
  • Maintain actionable business continuity plans

Quantivate GRC Software for Manufacturers Datasheet

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