GRC Software Bundles Now Available

  • February 28, 2019
  • Quantivate

Quantivate releases five new GRC toolkits for risk and compliance management.

Quantivate is pleased to announce a new product offering: integrated GRC software bundles to fast-track your team’s risk and compliance management initiatives. There’s a solution for every user, from risk managers and compliance officers to IT and audit teams.

Bundle and Save

Quantivate’s GRC software modules are even better together. When you choose one of five bundles, you unlock deeper integration that provides powerful data-sharing and automation capabilities. Plus, save 25% off your investment and get a ready-to-deploy toolkit for your team that improves collaboration and efficiency.

Ready-to-Use GRC Toolkits

1. Operational Risk Management Software Bundle

Whether you’re just getting started or are working on maturing your program, the Quantivate Operational Risk Management Bundle equips organizations to manage key components of operational risk, including business continuity, third-party relationships, and policy development and management.

What you Get: Business Continuity Software, Vendor Management Software, Policy & Document Management Software

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2. ERM Software Bundle

With the Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management Bundle, your organization’s risk management team will have a powerful toolkit for efficiently defining, managing, and mitigating risk in the critical areas of business strategy and performance, internal audit, and information security.

What You Get: ERM Software, Internal Audit Software, IT Risk Management Software

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 3. IT & Cybersecurity Software Bundle

 The Quantivate IT & Cybersecurity Bundle equips organizations to keep pace with cybersecurity best practices through an integrated approach that considers vendor / third-party risk, disaster recovery procedures, and the role of IT within the context of broader business strategy.

What You Get: IT Risk Management Software, Vendor Management Software, Business Continuity Software

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4. Audit Software Bundle

The Quantivate Audit Bundle helps organizations manage internal audits, policies, and compliance in a single, centralized platform. Audit teams will be equipped to get a clearer view of the audit lifecycle and increase coordination with other risk management efforts.

What You Get: Internal Audit Software, Policy & Document Management Software, Regulatory Compliance Software

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5. Compliance Software Bundle

The Quantivate Compliance Bundle gives your organization a robust toolkit for monitoring critical aspects of organizational compliance, including laws and regulations, internal policies, and complaint management processes.

What You Get: Regulatory Compliance Software, Policy & Document Management Software, Complaint Management Software

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Upgrade Your GRC Program

Ready to explore how a Quantivate Software Bundle can help your department or business unit save time and money, reduce risk, and improve compliance? Let us know which bundle you’re interested in, and we’ll connect you with more information.