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ESG Compliance: Opportunities for CCOs
ESG compliance
Compliance professionals are tasked with managing and mitigating risk along many vectors in an organization’s operations. As businesses and their customers increase their attention…
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Data Privacy and Growing Cyber Threats: How to Protect Consumer Data
Data security has become increasingly important in recent years as cyber threats increase in complexity and frequency, while public concern over personal data privacy…
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Audit Trails: Keeping Your Internal Audit Program Accountable & Compliant
audit trails
Internal auditing used to rely on manual processes and complex spreadsheets — and too often this is still the case for financial institutions. However,…
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Changing Regulatory Priorities: AML Compliance & Data Collection
AML/CFT compliance
Anti-money laundering (AML) efforts have been of great concern to both regulators and financial institutions in recent years, with a growing focus on cybercrime…
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Why Manual GRC Processes Don’t Work
The realm of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is constantly changing and becoming more complex. Organizations are quickly realizing that manually managing their GRC…
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