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Risk & Compliance Resources Roundup for April
risk and compliance resources
Check out Quantivate’s most recent resources —You’ll find industry insights and learning resources for your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program: Integrated GRC Technology:…
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GRC Technology’s Role in the “3 Lines of Defense” Risk Management Model
integrated GRC for three lines of defense risk management
Many organizations set the foundation for an effective risk management program using the “three lines of defense.” This widely used model is designed to…
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FDIC Warns Financial Institutions About Vendor Management & Business Continuity Deficiencies
vendor contract guidelines
The FDIC recently released a letter outlining common deficiencies noted in financial institutions’ contracts with technology service providers. Quantivate’s compliance attorney, Brian Witt…
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Why GRC Matters: 50 Risk & Compliance Statistics
risk and compliance statistics
In today’s uncertain business environment, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management is more important than ever. Why? As you’ll see in this this roundup…
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