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All Hazards

“All-Hazards” Approach to Business Continuity Planning

by Andy Vanderhoff

June 03, 2013 02:06 pm

All-hazards BC planning approach is not simply planning all-hazards mitigation as more commonly found in different organizations. Mitigation is typically perceived as a form of reimbursement after an event or disaster had occurred. All-hazards approach to BC planning is more comprehensive; it includes preparing your organization to encounter or response to all threats and vulnerabilities as they may approach. In other words, you are not planning for specific scenarios; you are preparing your organization regardless of scenarios that it may encounter.


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All Hazards vs. Scenario Based Continuity Planning Approach

by Andy Vanderhoff

January 08, 2013 03:01 pm

In the old days, the approach the industry used to take to continuity planning was called scenario based. In this approach you would try and think about all of the bad scenarios that could affect your organization; ie flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, terrorism etc… Then you would risk rate each scenario and build a specific plan for the highest risk scenarios. (more…)

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