GRC Software for Retailers

Strengthen compliance, effectively mitigate risks, and to streamline processes.



Quantivate Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions for Retailers

Today Retailers face a multitude of risk and compliance challenges. These risks and challenges include IT security, PCI compliance, supplier and vendor management, business continuity, and location audit issues. Quantivate provides a range of solutions to enable retailers to strengthen compliance, effectively mitigate risks, and to streamline their processes.

The Quantivate GRC Software Solution

With the Quantivate GRC Suite for the retail industry, organizations can easily integrate distinct yet interdependent disciplines such as business continuity, third party risk management, information and IT security, audit management, regulatory compliance, and enterprise risk management.

Quantivate’s true SaaS platform is designed to allow seamless data integration between the various Quantivate GRC modules. Its flexible design allows the solution to scale to the needs of your organization and establish comprehensive Governance, Risk, and Compliance programs across the enterprise.

With Quantivate GRC solutions, retailers can document, track, and manage all GRC initiatives at all levels of the organization. Quantivate’s GRC software solution for the retail industry allows retailers to focus on:

Supplier and Vendor Management

Retailers depend on a multitude of third party vendors and suppliers for their inventory. This uniquely opens retailers to greater risk levels than many other industries. In addition, Conflict Mineral Disclosures, Anti-Bribery and Corruption and other laws and regulations are forcing retailers to do greater due diligence and identify their critical suppliers to gain a better understanding of their supply chain. Quantivate Supplier and Vendor Management module allows retailers to identify potential supplier risks, verify that suppliers are compliant, and continue to monitor changes that can create new risks.

Quantivate’s Supplier and Vendor Management software for retailers includes:

Enterprise Risk Management

Retail companies manage many different risks, such as natural disasters that can affect a critical supply chain, changing labor laws and regulations, or even lack of control over a supplier’s activities. Constant market changes, internal forces, and regulatory demand make it difficult to determine what risks are the most critical. Quantivate ERM software enables retailers to closely analyze their risks and opportunities to better align risks and opportunities with their strategic planning efforts. In addition, retailers can define their strategic objectives and track their performance through KPIs, and monitor potential hazards through KRIs.

The Quantivate ERM Solution for retail companies includes:


In today’s digital economy, retailers process and store more and more transactions and business activities electronically. The retail industry’s unique dependency on technology presents additional risks and challenges to protect confidential customer data and ensure the availability of systems that support internal functions. This dependence on electronic systems has increased both public and regulatory scrutiny. Regulatory standards such as PCI, GLBA, SOX, and state privacy laws make it more critical than ever to remain compliant and effectively manage key IT infrastructures. Quantivate IT GRC manages the IT requirements for regulations, embeds them into IT policies and communicates the policies throughout the organization, ensuring compliance. Quantivate IT GRC is a fully configurable software platform that fits most organizations and IT environments and provides on-the-fly software customization to adapt to changing security programs and regulatory needs.

Quantivate IT GRC allows you to:

Regulatory Compliance Management

Quantivate Regulatory Compliance Manager (RCM) provides a strong software solution for retail compliance managers to manage a wide variety of regulatory and compliance processes and ensures accountability throughout the organization. The software delivers key features to monitor pertinent regulations and other requirements, organize compliance documentation, run risk assessments, and demonstrate proof of compliance through robust reporting. The solution helps retailers remain compliant with Solvency II, NAIC-MAR, GLBA, HIPAA, CFPB, and other regulatory bodies.

The Quantivate Regulatory Compliance solution for retail companies allows an organization to:

Internal Audit Management

The Quantivate Internal Audit solution helps retail companies manage a number of important Audit related activities. Quantivate Internal Audit software’s end-to-end functionality for managing the audit process provides effective audit management throughout the life cycle of each audit. Including:

Business Continuity

Can your business and retail locations stay operational after a disaster? In the retail industry minutes of downtime can mean large revenue losses and lasting damage to your brand. Having a functional and effective business continuity plan is a critical focus for retailers. Retailers must not only focus on recovering a single retail outlet but also planning to protect your entire retail network and critical infrastructure. Safeguard your resources, inventory, and distribution channels with the Quantivate Business Continuity Software solution. Quantivate’s all-hazards planning approach allows you to prepare for any incident from power loss and theft to a natural disaster. With Quantivate’s Business Continuity Management Software, retailers can produce a more complete and easy-to-manage business continuity plan in less time and with less effort.

Quantivate Business Continuity Software Solution for retail companies includes a full BCMP solution for: