Fortune 500 Business Continuity Software & Service

In today’s risk filled business environment, the need to build effective plans without hiring an army is challenging. Scoping in the project, implementing best practices and reducing risks are all challenges faced by Fortune 500 organizations.

Business continuity is more than disasters, pandemic outbreaks, or supplier bankruptcies. With Quantivate’s Business Continuity (BC) Software and Services, you can prioritize your processes, record manual workarounds, and identify points where breakdowns most likely occur. You will be able to strengthen your organization, improve management accountability, and know your risks.

Fortune 500 Business Continuity Software

Quantivate™ BC software reduces the time you spend managing and maintaining plans. The solution enables you to understand your organization, develop implementable plans, keep your plans up-to-date, and increases the availability of critical operations across the enterprise. Quantivate’s BC Software is a repeatable methodology that removes single points of failure in processes and technology to ensure quantifiable risk measurement capability, and allows business continuity data to be harnessed for the greater Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) good.