Bank Enterprise Risk Management Software

ERM Software for Banks

Bank Enterprise Risk Management Software

A powerful fully integrated web-based solution, Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software for banks enables your organization to improve the effectiveness of its risk assessment and mitigation programs and lower loss rates. The application deeply integrates with Business Continuity and Vendor Management, enabling management greater access to information to make strategic enterprise wide decisions. Quantivate ERM software will help your organization create a culture of increased risk awareness – reducing risks while lowering costs.

Bank GRC Solutions

Quantivate GRC Suite

Recently the global financial industry has seen an unprecedented increase in regulatory requirements forcing institutions to have a greater focus on the way risk is managed. Increasingly, regulators, and Bank customers, and other key stakeholders are demanding more transparency and greater ROI from systems, software, and tools. However, many organizations create fragmented systems for risk management and compliance producing an inefficient system filled with redundancies and additional risk.

Quantivate solves the need with an integrated GRC software solution that includes solution for Business Continuity SoftwareVendor Management SoftwareEnterprise Risk Management SoftwareInternal Audit Software, IT GRC, and Regulatory Compliance Software.