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Christmas in September! COSO released its ERM Framework
Christmas in September! COSO released its highly anticipated ERM Framework: "Enterprise Risk Management – Integrating with Strategy and Performance" The much anticipated release of The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) "ERM Framework: Enterprise Risk Management–Integrating with Strategy and Performance" is finally here! I was like a kid waiting for Christmas day in anticipation of this new update to the COSO ERM framework. As an ERM professional I have always placed…
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Maximizing Risk Results: Combining Qualitative & Quantitative Risk Assessments
The Challenge To bring value to our organization’s enterprise risk management is becoming increasingly more complex as we attempt to set strategy and objectives to strike a balance between growth and return related to risk. Boards and senior management are demanding more data from their risk managers to effectively set their strategy and objectives. It is incumbent upon us to deliver this valuable information in a timely, appropriate and objective fashion to help steer…
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Strategic Advantage Through Key Indicators
As I work with and speak to professionals all over the country it is interesting to see how they approach Key Indicators (“KI”). More specifically how they are using Key Performance Indicators (“KPI”) and Key Risk Indicators (“KRI”) to help strategically manage their business and its impact on their Strategic Objectives (“Objectives”). Let’s start with a couple working definitions. (more…)
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Do Your Risk Assessments Include Vulnerability and Velocity?
Most every Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program I have seen, consulted on, developed or read about follows a similar process of identifying, analyzing, responding to, and monitoring risks and opportunities. It doesn’t matter what risk framework you utilize, if you are not effectively making Vulnerability and Velocity part of that process your results simply won’t be as accurate as they could be. Vulnerability The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) defines…
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WannaCry Ransomeware
By now you may have heard about the “WannaCry” ransomeware attack. We have received a number of questions about this attack from our customers and want to assure you that: Quantivate was not affected by the recent "WannaCry" ransomware attack. All of your data is safe and unaffected. None of our systems were compromised. Our production environment does not rely on any Windows products and as such was not vulnerable to this attack. All…
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